• Three years after the death of her daughter, Bridgett lost her husband due to a severe heart condition; he was 37; leaving her as a 36-year-old widow with 9 surviving children.

  • Faced with many obstacles within her life from the age of 18 to 45, she discovered her life with Christ was necessary to get her to a place from tragedy to triumph.

  • Welcome to the life, story & journey of motivational speaker, author, nutritionist and health & wellness consultant, Bridgett Wilder!

Motivational Speaker

Bridgett’s graduation speech at Mount Mary University was so powerful an audience member whom she did not know reached out to the major Newspaper asking a reporter to interview Bridgett about her life’s journey.


Bridgett shares her story of victory after many storms in her life in her book Why Me? A Question I Refuse to Ask God. Now she lives to tell the story of how she is victory in motion by way of Jesus Christ. 


She has been considered to conduct nutrition group presentations for the American Cancer Association. Bridgett’s passion for nutrition, her own bouts with obesity and achieving 150 pounds weight loss speaks volumes without her having to say a word.

Shambles, brokenness, trials so bad she felt blind though she had eyesight. Bridgett faced so many tragedies in her life; She thought she was cursed. All her life she sought approval from others only to face the same rejection every time. She opened her heart to love; chased love and ended up broken. She chased dreams, yet felt hopeless. She chased approval, but was left rejected.



If you can eat your way into bad health, you can eat your way into good health. Food is medicine.

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