Bridgett Wilder shares her story of victory after many storms in her life in her book Why Me? A Question I Refuse to Ask God. Bridgett suffered from severe depression associated with lack of self -love and self- esteem. She made poor choices which  led to a life of uncertainty about her future. Her worst moments occurred   after losing her husband, daughter, and mother. It was during these tragedies that God introduced Bridgett to the beauty she never knew existed within her. Now she lives to tell the story of how she is victory in motion by way of Jesus Christ.

Shambles, brokenness, trials so bad she felt blind though she had eyesight. Bridgett faced so many tragedies in her life; She thought she was cursed. All her life She sought approval from others only to face the same rejection every time. She opened her heart to love; chased love and ended up broken. She chased dreams, yet felt hopeless. She chased approval, but was left rejected.

Bridgett lost loved ones. Her daughter died at the age of 6 from a neurological disease. Next, her husband after 17 years of marriage, died at the age of 37, leaving her as a widow with 9 children to raise alone. A few years later, she lost her best friend, her mother. She didn’t know where God was in her situation, but somehow, she knew He was present. Left feeling completely lost, but somehow within her soul she knew she would find Him.  Faith sustained her, and now she lives to tell the story of how God granted mighty victory after great trials, tribulations, hopelessness, and despair.  Why me? A Question I refuse to ask God is an example of holding on to faith during storms in life that can leave you broken. Bridgett is committed to a life of not asking God, why me, to Lord, you chose me to be partaker of your suffering for me to gain a relationship with you.

It is a story of victory after the trials of life can leave you feeling bitter, broken, and rejected. Yet, refuge can be found in God by way of Jesus Christ.