“God Designed us to be whole in mind, body, and spirit.”

Bridgett’s life encompassed many layers. God removed layers from her life that blocked the gifts and talents He graced her with. She once battled issues with lack of self-self-acceptance while battling obesity. As she journeyed throughout her young life without a vision tragedies happened in her life she was carrying excess weight in pounds and excess weights of bondage.  After the death of her 37 year old spouse due to heart disease, 6 year old daughter due to a neurological disorder, she was left to raise 9 children alone. This swift in her life made Bridgett decide she needed to begin her life again; God gave her a second chance.  Bridgett lost 150 pounds, and graduated from Mount Mary University with a  Bachelor Degree emphasizing dietetics and psychology. She is an Author, nutritionist, motivational speaker and owner of Perseverance Health and Wellness coaching in which she worksout with her client and offers nutrition consultation services. Bridgett believes that it is God’s will for His people to me whole in mind, body, and spirit and uses her life and experiences to help others achieve their best life.  “I am determined to show others how against all odds, no matter what obstacles that are stacked against you, you can be and do all you desire to do. Other peoples’ perception of you is not your reality and God predestined us all for Greatness.  Live your best life, you deserve it.”

Motivational Speaking

Bridgett Wilder was the class speaker of her graduating class at Mount Mary university in May 2018. Her speech was so powerful an audience member whom she did not know reached out to the major Newspaper asking a reporter to interview Bridgett about her life’s journey. She was then interviewed and many people inquired about her wanting to know more about her story. Bridgett’s story is powerful, overcoming some of the most horrific experiences such as being raped, and losing loved ones. She shares her story to inspire others never to give up on life nor themselves even if it feels you have nothing to live for.

She has presented topics to her audience in relation to weight loss, disease prevention by way of nutrition. Bridgett has also been interviewed by WNOV radio station in which she discussed the topics of helping young women heal from low self -esteem and self- doubt which have been major issues she formally suffered from.

Bridgett Wilder has been approached by the American Heart association to share her story in relation to losing her husband to heart failure and how to improve health outcomes by way of nutrition. She  has also been considered to conduct nutrition group presentations for the American Cancer Association. Bridgett’s passion for nutrition, her own bouts with obesity and achieving 150 pounds weight loss speaks volumes without her having to say a word.

Health & Wellness Coaching

Bridgett minored in psychology and coupled it with her dietetics degree to share with others how long- term weight loss success begins with shifting the mindset in preparation to begin the process.

Graduating at the age of 45 years old as the only African American in her program in one of the most demanding programs at Mount Mary University is a demonstration of her tenacity, resilience and persevering spirit. She lives to share her story about her journey to achieve self -love and self- empowerment. Though Bridgett believes in helping all people, her primary focus in her business is to consult women into self- acceptance and healing their health outcomes by way of nutrition.

She is extremely passionate about her work and has assisted many women achieve weight loss goals and transformations by way of adjusting mindset while teaching them the why behind negative eating behaviors. Bridgett has mastered the psychology of weight loss not only because she studied it but she had to overcome eating patterns associated with eating emotionally and overcame them

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